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Case Study:

Major Chain Retailer

The Problem

It started as a single request back in 1996: a major US chain retailer and pioneer of store brands, approached MGX for help managing their new wine brand.


The Solution

MGX developed a tailored solution for the retailer, providing a single key account manager backed up by a highly experienced supply chain team to coordinate all aspects of program management – from picking up the wine from the producer to delivery at individual stores around the country.  MGX services included:

  • Importing the wine from overseas
  • Compliance management of all Federal and State beverage alcohol regulations
  • Taking full custody and warehousing finished goods
  • Forecasting and inventory management, ensuring sufficient product on hand in each state to satisfy individual store reorders
  • National distribution and final mile delivery to individual retail stores throughout the US
  • Coordination with the retailer’s national buying team
  • Communicating to individual stores regarding program requirements
  • Managing promotional programs

The Results

Today – over 30 years later – MGX is still managing store brands for this retailer, and the partnership has grown over the years. MGX now also works with the retailer to source producers for their beverage alcohol store brands.

Simplified solution centralizing store brand execution

Increased efficiency through the three-tiered system

Maximized sales with fill rates over 95%

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